Aztec Symbols

Of all the Aztec symbols, the Aztec Calendar is considered by many historians to be the most important. The reason for this is because the Aztecs worshipped the sun, and they made this clear with the many sun like designs that they placed on their calendar. To understand Aztec symbolism, you must first learn a bit about Aztec religious beliefs. The religious system that the Aztecs created was based on a combination of animism, shamanism, and polytheism. It is also well known that human sacrifice played an important role in their religious system. In addition to the sun, another object which was very important to the Aztecs was the planet Venus. The moon was very important to the Aztecs, as it symbolized Metztili, the god of night and farmers.

Aztec God Symbols

Many of the symbols which are important to the Aztecs were those which were used to symbolize their gods. In addition to gods, the Aztecs also worshipped goddesses, and two prominent goddesses which were worshipped by the Aztecs include Centzon Hutznahua and Chalchiuhtlicue. Centzon Hutznahua was the goddess of the springs, and Chalchiuhtlicue was the Earth goddess. Another force that the Aztecs worshipped was the wind, and the god which was most often associated with the wind is Quetzalcoatl.

Aztec Maize Symbols

Another symbol which was very important to the Aztecs was maize. Maize is of course known to most of us today as being corn, but it was a staple diet of the Aztecs, and it also had religious significance.

The principal god of maize was Cinteotl. Originally, it was a goddess that represented maize rather than a god, but this was changed over time. The male version was named Chicomecoatl.

Earth Symbol

The Earth itself is an important symbol to the Aztecs, and the reason for this is because of the way they divided the earth. In Aztec mythology, the Earth is divided in three parts, and this is the surface, where humans live, the underworld, which was the domain of the dead, and the sky. According to Aztec mythology, humans could only dwell in either the surface world or underworld, while the sky was reserved for the gods.

Symbols From Nature

It should also be noted that many objects in nature were important to the Aztecs. Caves and mountains were always important to the Aztecs, and the reason for this was because the caves were the places where you crossed from the surface world into the underworld, and mountains were the place were one rose into the sky as they climbed the mountain.

Aztec And The Symbol Of Death

Death itself was an important symbol to the Aztecs, and this is precisely why they believed in human Sacrifice. The Aztecs believed that humans must sacrifice themselves to the gods so that life could continue on the planet.

The Five Suns myth is a good example of the Aztecs belief in death. While many contemporary historians see the Aztecs as being bloodthirsty and cruel, their desire to sacrifice was closely connected to their desire to survive and prosper on the planet. To the Aztecs, if sacrifices were not made to the gods, serious consequences could result.