Aztec History

Aztec History - The Pyramids

The Aztecs Indians were a Mesoamerican people that lived in the area of central Mexico in the 14th, 15th and 16th century. The Aztec history is one of the most famous, enigmatic and tragic histories in the world.

Aztlan - The Aztec History Origins

Aztec History begins with the Aztecs legendary home called Aztlan. The general consent is that Aztlan lies somewhere to the north of the Valley of Mexico. But there are also Aztec history experts that claim that Aztlan is simply a mythical place where the Aztec tribes came from. The reason that some Aztec historians think so lies in the fact that Aztlan can also be translated as "the place of the origin". According to Aztec history there were seven Aztec Tribes that lived under opression in Aztlan. They all eventually fled from Aztlan to the south.

Aztecs Migrate To The South

Aztec history explains that Aztecs began to migrate in the 6th century when they settled in central Mexico and to the south. Aztecs were a nomadic hunter-gatherer tribes and they mixed their culture with civilizations that lived in that area before them. This mixing of cultures was the foundation for Aztec culture as we know it today. They established many cities with Azcapotzalco as the center of power in the west and Culhuacan in the south. In 13th century the last tribe called Mexica arrived in central Mexico and settled (and captured) in Chapultepec (around 1248).

Mexicas And Aztec History

The rulers of Azcapotzalco soon drove Mexicas out of Chapultepec but the ruler of Culhuacan alowed them to settle in Tizapan. Aztec history legend goes that years later (1323) Mexica tribe saw a vision from their Aztec Gods that made them move again. The vison was of an eagle perched on cactus, clutching a snake. This vision showed the Mexica tribe where they should build their new city. So the tribe of Mexicas actually moved to a small island in Lake Texcoco and started building a new home - the city of Tenochtitlan. Later in 1376 they elected their first ruler (their word for king was Huey Tlatoani) Acamapichtli.

The Start Of The Tripple Alliance In Aztec History

With Azcapotzalco being the local power Aztecs - the Mexica tribe in Tenochtitlan paid tribute to Azcapotzalco. But all that changed when the Mexica "king" was killed by the new ruler of Azcapotzalco. New Mexica "king" named Itzcoatl made alliance with the ruler of Texcoco named Nezahualcoyotl. Their coalition later turned into the well known Aztec Triple Alliance which later turned into even better known Aztec Empire.

The Spanish And The End Of Aztec History

The Aztec history is in a big part a history of Aztec empire which ended when Aztec empire, culture and civilisation clashed with the Spanish. Spanish used Aztec long time enemies to capture and destroy Tenochtitlan in 1521. This was however not the end of the Aztec culture. What really diminished and destroyed the Aztec empire were diseases brought by Spanish. In a short time of 60 years 80% of the Aztec population was gone. Three epidemics - two smallpox and one typhus broke the Aztecs, ended their empire and were in some way the end of the aztec history.